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Alicia Fowler

Alicia Fowler - Artist

Osoyoos, BC


Alicia Fowler - Artist Statement

When I begin a new painting, I leave my day-to-day concerns and retreat to a special corner of my being. There I find the things that I have deliberately, and often unconsciously, saved for later. It is now my time to unpack these treasures and select one to express on canvas.

I'm inspired by God's creations. My travels have exposed me to many of them. Some of the most memorable ones were in Africa. This was an incredible experience and left an indelible impression on me. Seeing the magnificent wildlife resulted in my painting of The Lion of Judah.

I have also gravitated to other animal paintings such as Dolphin at Play, Zachary the Mule, Red Fox, Himalayan Red Panda, more lions and other animals.

Country scenes have a special place in my heart and are reflected in Peggy's Cove, Lakeside Vineyard, Autumn Splendour as well as Day on Beach. I delight in painting flowers because God has created such a variety and in so many vibrant colours. Among my humble versions are Poppies & Daisies, Cool Blue on Fire, Colorado Blue Columbine and others.

I enjoy experimenting and have ventured into copying the styles of some Masters such as Renoir- Young Girl in a Straw Hat. Portraits have also been an adventure in painting.

I began painting in oil many years ago in Tucson, Arizona. Today, however, acrylics are my preferred medium. Both professionals and accomplished non-professionals have shared their creative and artistic gifts with me. This helped to refine my work and enabled me to experiment with other mediums such as pastels, chalk, pencil and charcoal.

My family commitments and my nursing career put my art work on hold for several years. Early retirement and a move to Canada enabled me to continue with what I love to do. I reside in Osoyoos, BC and look forward to capturing the wide variety of beautiful landscapes we have in the Okanagan Valley.

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Archie Panjabi by Alicia Fowler


Woman and Child by Alicia Fowler


Purple Elegance by Alicia Fowler


Autumn Splendour by Alicia Fowler


Okanagan Vineyard by Alicia Fowler


Birch Reflections by Alicia Fowler


Birch Trees by Alicia Fowler


Bird of Paradise by Alicia Fowler


White Squirrel of Sooke by Alicia Fowler


In His Image by Alicia Fowler


Kahlua by Alicia Fowler


The Barn by Alicia Fowler


The Faces of Africa by Alicia Fowler


The Sound of Blue by Alicia Fowler


Poppies and Daisies by Alicia Fowler


Tiger Tiger by Alicia Fowler


Coastal Bear by Alicia Fowler


Summer Smiles by Alicia Fowler


Lakeside Vineyard by Alicia Fowler


Morning Serenade by Alicia Fowler


Colour Explosion by Alicia Fowler


Blushing Dahlia by Alicia Fowler